Albion’s Legacy Pre-Order

We’ve had a great time running around North America and running the demo copies of the game for everyone! Apparently, from our feedback, so have you! We are very grateful for you taking the time to come demo the game with us. Continue reading

Natural 1 – Officially Released!

It’s finally here! Natural 1 has been released to the masses! The first wave of DVD’s were sold at Gen Con Indy 2014 and there was much success. Two official screenings were held as well at Gen Con with equal success. Continue reading

Albion’s Legacy

Albion’s Legacy is a cooperative, modular-adventure board game for 1-4 players. A story enriched, quest based, Arthurian themed game! Continue reading

In Development

We’re in development for our newest show, teaming up with talent from all over this show will take teen fantasy into a new world. Keep an eye out for the latest in development. Continue reading

Albion's Legacy

A cooperative, modular-adventure board game for 1-4 players.

Legacy of Mana

OGL campaign setting, fantasy series and culture.


A full sci-fi, fantasy and anime convention series.