The Company


Lynnvander Inc. is a Southern Ontario based company inspired to enhance existing or create new intellectual properties. Founded in July of 2005 by Thomas M. Gofton, Lynnvander is responsible for the inception of several media initiatives including projects of film, literature, game design and company leadership.

Lynnvander is nothing without its team of diversified and accomplished professionals known as “Team Lynnvander” in the table top and game publishing industry. Each member of our team strives to accomplish integral and innovative work that will entertain as well as educate you.



The Founder

Initiating as an actor in the Troma released feature “Kill”, Thomas started Lynnvander Inc. subsequently producing the award-winning fantasy series “Mind’s Eye“ as well as the acclaimed Shadowrun parody film “The Gamers: Natural One” and the epic sequel to The Gamers: Dorkness Rising “The Gamers: Hands of Fate”.

Thomas published a fantasy novel “Hopes Ordeal” in 2012 along with the RPG supplement for the Pathfinder called “Legacy of Mana”, before being published in the Shadowrun anthology novel “A World of Shadows”.

Delving into tabletop game design, Thomas is responsible for creating many unique games such as the Arthurian quest-adventure “Albion’s Legacy”, the worker-placement space parody “Galaxy Quest” the Robin Hood co-operative “Sherwood’s Legacy” and the Whedonverse co-operative “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as well as Space Goat’s “The Terminator: The Official Board Game” and the 2017 Jasco catalogue releases “Dark Stalkers vs Street Fighter”, “Dragon Ball Z” and “Cowboy Bebop”.

When Thomas is not running his two cafés, “The Round Table” and “Afterlife”, his archery and weapons range “The Royal Garrison” as well as his series of Escape Adventure rooms “The Khronos Gauntlet” in Canada, he spends his time traveling the world hosting screenings, game design sessions, panels and workshops to creators, filmmakers and fans.