Check out the extremely limited edition Cordelia Chase and alternate Xander Harris cards!

These cards were manufactured for a one time special event held at a small convention in the design teams home town of Guelph Ontario. The convention was called GenreCon which the Buffy actors were guests.  The cards were an extremely low print run of 60 of each card.  All that remains of the 60 card print run can be purchased below.

Please note – the cost of these cards also reflect the costs of the signatures of the actors as well as the value in which the attended guests paid to be at the party. These costs are firm to be fair to the attendees.

Below you can buy the cards until the limits have been met.  They are extremely limited:

  • 7, signed by Charisma Carpenter, Cordelia Chase cards (include standee).
  • 3 unsigned Cordelia Chase cards (includes standee).
  • 14, signed by Nicholas Brendon, alternative Xander Harris cards (includes standee).


Get your signed CORDY card HERE!

Get your unsigned CORDY card HERE!

Get your signed XANDER card HERE!

Thanks for shopping! We do apologize for such a limited quantity of these.