I have been told all my life that I am both a leader and an instigator. I think, in my opinion that a leader must instigate in some capacity in order to inspire. I could also be wrong… from time to time I am wrong (more often than not) and I’m not afraid to admit it. Continue reading

Great Traditions Die Hard

Every time I hear the words “Die Hard” I tend to think about the Bruce Willis film series and take a moment to relive the adventure that he went on in what…. all six movies now? Explosions, gunfire, screaming etc… and it always ends with a smile. Continue reading

The AtmaGEEK is at GenreCon

If you’re in the area of Guelph on October 4th-6th weekend I highly recommend coming to this fun, panel packed, nerd fest of awesomeness at the Delta Guelph, Hotel and Conference Centre for the annual fest GenreCon! Come get your geek on with the AtmaGEEK representing Lynnvander in all ways film, fun and fan! Continue reading


Learn more about the AtmaGEEK initiative and show coming soon to YouTube! YOUTUBE