Lynnvander Meets Catalyst

We’re expanding all the time, designing more and more original and licensed games for major publishers in the industry. Now, we are proud to announce that one such publisher is Catalyst Game Labs.

CatalystCatalyst Game Labs, best known as the company behind Shadowrun, and Battletech has released great game after great game and we’re excited to be designing and developing what will hopefully be the first of many Lynnvander Studios games published by Catalyst Game Labs.

Our first collaboration with Catalyst Game Labs will be Galaxy Quest: The Board Game!

A fully cooperative, comedic, worker-placement board game all about the hazards and hijinks that occur when a team of actors is forced to take on the task of running a real alien space-ship. Based on the Galaxy Quest movie, this game will stay true to the humor of the film and will be a very approachable, fast-paced experience.

More on this in the coming weeks!

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