The Gamers Natural 20 LogoIntro BannerIn 2013 Lynnvander Productions released The Gamers: Natural 1, a Cyberpunk action-comedy that bridged a fantastic dystopian future to our mundane – albeit charming – reality. The film followed Monica and Ryan as they tried to balance their lives, gaming, and a pact with Monica’s brother that threatened to divide them. The Gamers: Natural 20 picks up a year or so after the dramatic ending of N1. The second of our Cyberrun series, N20 promises to be bigger, darker, and like nothing you’ve seen before. The Cyberrunners are back with The Gamers, leveled up and ready to kick butt!

Created by Thomas Gofton and written by Andy Dopieralski, with development supervision by Matt Vancil and Don Early of the Dead Gentlemen Productions team, this project brings old and new cast together for a production that will commence principal photography in January 2016.

The Gamers: Natural 20 will make you laugh, maybe cry and quite possibly wince as we take you for a ride on the electric tornado that will dumpshock the drek out of you!

We will be announcing our KICKSTARTER dates soon so please stay tuned!


If you haven’t seen The Gamers: Natural 1, take a watch here!

Here is a sample of The Gamers: Natrual 1’s poster. A Poster for N20 will be coming shortly after we fully cast!

Natural 1 movie poster

The Official Natural 1 Poster