Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game

Lynnvander Studios finally announced what Super Secret Project is! It’s Divinity Original Sin the Board Game! You can watch our streams about it here! Divinity Original Sin Extended Edition Board Game Give Away Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game is an

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Star Trek Alliance

WizKids Games has announced a new Clix-based Star Trek game called Star Trek: Alliance. The game will launch in August with Star Trek: Alliance – Dominion War Campaign. Created by Josh Derksen, Dylan Birtolo and Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander Studios. Star Trek: Alliance is a cooperative game

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Board Game Boogie

3…  2…  1…  Let’s Game!  Choose your favorite member of the Bebop crew and take on their role and carry their weight as their space adventure unfolds! Travel the Solar System!  Fly between the Astral Gates, visiting contacts, bars, shops, and

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Rise of the Evil Dead

Jasco Games and Lynnvander Studios have revived Evil Dead 2 the Board Game! There was a board game campaign on Kickstarter.com posted by Space Goat Productions promising a thematic board game for Evil Dead 2 fans.  The game was funded by

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The Chronicle System

Lynnvander Studios has announced a new Chronicle System. The Chronicle System takes the Legacy game format and implements it to the next level. However, at its base, the Chronicle System provides a captivating story for players to experience. It also has

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Lynnvander Studios will be in attendance at Buffyfest 2018 WITH Buffy games and of course….the The Florida Björkestra! The 23-piece band returns to Sunnydale for one night only to play the music of Once More With Feeling. Continue reading

Get on the Bebop!

Cowboy Bebop: The Board Game is an early prototype being designed by Lynnvander Studios for Jasco Games. Continue reading

Afterlife Lounge

An up-scale video game lounge in Guelph ON, Canada.

The Round Table

An adventurers gaming tavern and cafe in Guelph ON, Canada.

ATMAGeek Channel

Lynnvander Designer Diary/Gameplay YouTube Vlog Channel.