Star Trek Alliance

WizKids Games has announced a new Clix-based Star Trek game called Star Trek: Alliance. The game will launch in August with Star Trek: Alliance – Dominion War Campaign.

Created by Josh Derksen, Dylan Birtolo and Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander StudiosStar Trek: Alliance is a cooperative game where players control ships from the Star Trek universe. Players lead ships through missions involving enemy forces controlled by the game system. Each game offers the crews of each player’s ship the opportunity to gain experience points. Experience can be spent between missions to upgrade their ship’s abilities.

The Dominion War Campaign recalls the Dominion War storyline from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This is where the Federation formed an alliance with rivals and enemies to repel an invasion from the Gamma Quadrant. In Star Trek Alliance – Dominion War Campaign, players’ Federation ships go up against the Dominion.

Star Trek: Alliance – Dominion War Campaign includes everything two players need to play through the entire six-mission campaign. Multiple copies of the set can be combined to let up to six players participate in the campaign.

Star Trek: Alliance – Dominion War Campaign includes 5 pre-painted plastic ships – 1 Excelsior-class, 1 Akira-class, and 3 Jem’Hadar Attack Ships. Along with transparent plastic bases and pegs, 13 maneuver templates, 2 HeroClix maneuver dials, 122 tokens, 66 cards, 12 dice, and 1 range ruler. The set is intended for 1 or 2 players, ages 14 and up. Games take about half an hour to play. MSRP is $49.99.


Stardate 49427.7 — the year is 2371, and the Federation faces a new and very dangerous threat from the Gamma Quadrant. Much is still unknown about our aggressors: The Dominion.

Star Trek: Alliance – Dominion War Campaign is a starship battle game set in the Star Trek universe! One or more players will create their own Federation captains, form a task force, and work together to defeat the Dominion over a series of campaign missions. This box contains everything one or two players need to play the full campaign, including pre-painted plastic ships, custom dice, cards, tokens, and a six-mission campaign book. With multiple copies of this set, up to six players can fight the Dominion together!

During each mission, players battle against enemy ships controlled by the game, while completing objectives to earn experience points. Between missions, players spend experience points to upgrade their ships and advance the overall campaign, building their captain into a Starfleet legend!

The Star Trek: Alliance ships and upgrades from this set are compatible with Star Trek: Attack Wing.

Learn more about the product here.

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