Albion’s Legacy 2nd Edition

Second Ed

Albion’s Legacy is a a fully cooperative modular-adventure game for 1-4 players (expandable to 6).

In Albion’s Legacy, King Arthur and his allies explore Albion in search of specific Realms, while trying to collect enough Quest Coins to win the game! As the Realms are explored, various Enemies will stand in the way, and must be Challenged by rolling the Stones of Chance! Meanwhile, Despair threatens the land! If the Flames of Hope are extinguished, or all Virtue is lost, the kingdom falls! It’s up to you to triumph against overwhelming odds!


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Albion’s Legacy was successfully funded on June 15, 2014, and has been fulfilled! Albion’s Legacy was our first game, and following fulfillment, we’ve continued to pour our hearts and souls into it. We’ve improved the game in almost every way, and now we are happy to announce that Albion’s Legacy 2nd Edition is ready for manufacturing! We will be manufacturing this version of the game, one way or another, and this Kickstarter is our way of going bigger and better. With your help, we can do a larger print run of the 2nd edition, and bring Albion’s Legacy to a wider audience.


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Gen Con Indy

Our entire team is headed to Gen Con Indy this year and we’ve got one heck of an action packed schedule for you. See the schedule below for more details and sign up early! This schedule was just released from Gen Con’s event staff. The list of events is below, where you can sign up.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about each of the events.  There will be more to come as we’re sponsoring some amazing things with our friends at Geek Chic.


We’re exhibiting in the main hall!  Exhibit Hall Booth #2920. Come visit us at the booth during off hours programming.  Meet our design team in full force and grab your very own copy of Albion’s Legacy, see the prototypes for Sherwood’s and more!


If you’re interested in…

AlbionsThursday 12:00noon – BGM1574096
Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1568738
Friday 11:00am – BGM1582939
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1568759
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1568763
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1574099
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1568768

SherwoodsThursday 12:00noon – BGM1582938
Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1573875
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1581675
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1581676
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1581677

ShadowrunThursday 12:00noon – BGM1568758
Friday 11:00am – BGM1581668
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1581672
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1581673

Deep5Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1568756
Friday 11:00am – BGM1574097
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1568760
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1568764
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1568767

ManaThursday 12:00noon – RPG1568757
Friday 5:00pm – RPG1568761
Sunday 12:00noon – RPG1568766

Natural1Friday 7:00pm – FLM1581891
Friday 7:30pm – H&H FLM1581892

Sherwood’s Legacy

A fully cooperative, tower defense style boardgame with a Robyn Hood theme. The successor to the Arthurian themed Albion’s Legacy game.

Welcome to Sherwood forest. Take up arms with the best of the Merry men and women! Let’s show the Sheriff he can’t push us around anymore! Steal from the rich and give to the poor as Robyn and his allies defend Sherwood forest in this fully cooperative, tower-defense game. Get ready to nock, aim and loose your arrow for victory!

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(Kickstarter Version, includes the Highway Robbery Expansion kit with Shipping included to US and Canada. International will be contacted for slight adjustments.)


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MarianSampes of tile Sculpt samples


Albion’s Legacy


Please consider pledging or at the very least spread the word to all that may wish to partake in questing for Camelot!

PledgeAlbion’s Legacy is a cooperative adventure board game for 1-4 players (expandable to 6 players). The game allows players to be one of their favourite Arthurian characters from the wizard Merlin, the famous Lady of the Lake, from the brave Sir Lancelot to King Arthur himself. These heroes will champion all that is good in 90 minutes as the players travel across the realm of Albion and face dangerous roaming threats, mythical beasts and deadly encounters. Collect famous relics, artifacts, weapons and special awards under a heated deadline while solving some of the Arthurian legends most famous historical and mythical chronicles.

This game will challenge you, excite you, educate you and if you’re not careful it will take you down (your character that is…)  Everything you need is provided at the gaming table, just bring your friends, your love of Arthurian lore (knowledge of Arthurian lore optional) and your thirst for adventure! Onward! The Kingdom needs YOU!

Paste In postA few stats for the game (read below for a detailed breakdown of characters and story bits!);

  • 1-4 players (expandable to 6 players)
  • Modular Adventure (A board to play on that you can walk off and continue play by exploring random realm tiles. This makes every games exploration different every time!)
  • 100% cooperative play.
  • Collect items and artifacts, face of against famous enemies and walk through fantastic realms that are tailored to both historical and mythical Arthurian Lore.
  • Play your favourite Arthurian Characters including Sir Mordred, Nimue, the Lady of the Lake and Queen Gwenivere.
  • Use special ‘Fate’ Dice with unique icons to determine combat and other special mechanics.


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