In Development

A New Series

In 2010, the producers of Lynnvander put their resources together for a show called Mind’s Eye.  It had an excellent production run until it’s option in late 2011. Since then, Lynnvander has gone on to co-produce The Gamers: Hands of Fate, The Gamers: Natural 1 and Humans & Households.

We’re in development for our newest show, teaming up with talent from all over this show will take teen fantasy into a new world. Keep an eye out for the latest in development.

Here’s a teaser graphic of our working title.


The AtmaGEEK is at GenreCon

AtmaGEEK is Lynnvander

If you’re in the area of Guelph on October 4th-6th weekend I highly recommend coming to this fun, panel packed, nerd fest of awesomeness at the Delta Guelph, Hotel and Conference Centre for the annual fest GenreCon! Come get your geek on with the AtmaGEEK representing Lynnvander in all ways film, fun and fan!

Here’s the AtmaGEEK Bio PAGE

Here’s a list of the schedule – Look me up, come check out the activities and please come say hello!



Lynnvander Inc. at Dragon Con this year!

Join producer, actor and creator Thomas Gofton at Dragon Con this year for an array of panels and workshops, screenings and general discussion. Representing several initiatives, Thomas is ready to lend his career experience so far to any and all who wish to hear it.

The Dragon Con schedule is below;

Title: Filmmaking Basics and Beyond: Producing
Time: Fri 11:30 am
Location: Fairlie – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Learn the art of producing a film and the trends and the tricks that can make you successful.

Title: My Favorite Book is a TV Show
Time: Fri 04:00 pm
Location: Embassy C – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: A Song of Ice and Fire has entered the cultural lexicon, but other fantasy book series haven’t had the same luck.

Title: World Building Panel
Time: Sat 04:00 pm
Location: The Crystal Ballroom (Length: 1)
Description: Join some of the best fantasy RPG world builders as they share their creative knowledge.

Title: Are Web Series the New Short Films?
Time: Sat 05:30 pm
Location: The Learning Center – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Cheaper than a TV series and more immediate than film festivals, a web series could be the way to make your short film.

Title: The Gamers: “Natural One” and “Humans and Households”
Time: Sun 02:30 pm
Location: International South – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: A screening of two brand new shorts in the Gamers series. Q&A with the filmmakers after.

Title: The Gamers
Time: Sun 04:00 pm
Location: Fairlie – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: A look at the making of The Gamers series, its wildly successful Kickstarter run, and what’s next for the series.

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Legacy at Gen Con Indy

Legacy of Mana is coming to Gen Con Indy August 14th to the 18th and we’re ready to role-play an action packed series of adventures! See below for a list of events and register today! You can register at the following link by signing in and getting your ticket!


RPG1346014 Legacy of Mana Thu @ 12:00 PM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 2–3

RPG1346020 Legacy of Mana Thu @ 12:00 PM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 4

RPG1346010 Legacy of Mana Thu @ 5:00 PM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 1–3

RPG1346011 Legacy of Mana Fri @ 1:00 PM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 1–2

RPG1346015 Legacy of Mana Fri @ 6:00 PM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 1

RPG1346012 Legacy of Mana Sat @ 1:00 PM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 1

RPG1346013 Legacy of Mana Sun @ 11:00 AM 5 hrs
Location: Marriott :: Lincoln :: 6–7

SEM1346022 Legacy of Mana: Living World Discussion
Sun @ 11:00 AM 2 hrs
Location: Crowne Plaza :: Victoria Stn A/B


Welcome to the World of Imaria!

Imagine a world alive with magic: a world where mana ebbs and flows deep from the subterranean core, to the lush surface lands and all the way up to the sky domains floating high above the clouds. Mana is the element of existence, magic in its purest form. It is an enigma, its source as mysterious as the origins of the noble bloodlines that ruled the realms. Some have tried to wield it for higher power and some have tried to control it. There were those that simply ignored it and those who became its slave. Inevitably, there were those who wished to destroy it, to remove it from the world altogether.

Not long ago, an army of anti-mana knights invaded the realm of Krymaris bearing swords made of an alchemically enhanced alloy. These swords possessed the power to feel, manipulate and negate mana in all its disciplines. Thus the knights began to drain Krymaris of its mana, leaving it barren and desolate, and destroying every magical creature and bloodline in the process. They tore apart what little order was left to impose one of tyranny and domination.

Now the realms are in need of champions. Can the surviving rebel factions be united? Can peace ever be restored to Krymaris? And most importantly, can mana be brought back to a world that was once teeming with life?

Welcome to Imaria, where all magic is alive, yet no magic is safe…

The Gamers: Natural 1

Lynnvander Inc. has teamed up with the forces of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and we’re hitting the matrix full cyber gear ahead! The test screening is happening live at Gen Con Indy 2013. To register to see this short pilot in it’s infancy please click the link below;



Natural One begins with a summons to Gary (Christian Doyle) from his Canadian half-sister, Monica (Monica Zelak). She’s getting married and family tradition calls for her future partner to be vetted in-game-is he gamer enough to be worthy of the family name? Gary, accompanied by Leo (Scott C. Brown), travels to Canada for an epic cyberpunk gaming showdown GM’d by Canada’s greatest GM Harper (Thomas M. Gofton). Written by Christian Doyle and Tom Brown and directed by Matt Vancil, this miniseries is also three episodes, because three is the magic number.

It’s a Convention!

A New Convention!

GenreCon is a convention celebrating geek culture, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Action. It is a three day long event happening October 4 -7 at the Delta Guelph – Hotel & Conference Center.

We know there are other conventions out there, so what sets GenreCon apart?

GenreCon will be combining the best parts of both fan-run conventions and trade shows/expos. A fan-run convention is an event that brings together a community of like-minded individuals to celebrate their passion for geek culture, while a trade show brings in industry experts, choice exhibitors and dealers, publishing houses and media companies.

Similar to its focus on four genres, the convention will also be highlighting the four mediums of Literature, Film, Music, and Gaming. That’s why, when you buy your ticket for GenreCon, you’re paying for the experience of:

workshops and panel discussions
music performances
a cosplay competition
a film festival
media guests offering autographs, photo sessions and Q&As
a dealers room filled with merchandise


Learn more about the AtmaGEEK initiative and show coming soon to YouTube!