Lynnvander Studios will be in attendance at Buffyfest 2018 WITH Buffy games and of course….The Florida Björkestra!  The 23-piece band returns to Sunnydale for one night only to play the music of Once More With Feeling.

And this time we’re bringing XANDER HARRIS and ANYA JENKINS with us.

Yes that’s right, kiddos. Nicholas Brendon and Emma Caulfield with Buffy game designer Thomas Gofton will attend Buffyfest 2018 so get your best selfie face on and come on down to The Bronze (aka The Palladium at St. Petersburg College) on Saturday Sept 29 for St. Pete’s own Buffy celebration.


You can get your Exclusive (unsigned) Anya Jenkins Dragon Con promo player card RIGHT HERE! You can also get Emma Caulfield to sign you copy at Buffyfest!

Don’t have a way to get to Florida? That’s okay too! We have signed copies of the Anya Jenkins Exclusive here for you in limited quantities! Get them while they are hot!

Also – We have Alternate Xander Harris cards (Dragon Con Exclusives) right here.

Super Camelot

A boardgame for 2-4 players chalk full of adventure, slaying evil things and slashing bushes to collect gems, treasure and a shiny cup!


Thanks to everyone on the Super Kickstarter!

You can help us raise extra gems toward some super stretch goals by spreading the word! Here’s some mods and enhancements to help!

Catalyst Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to help spread the word and tag #supercamelot to help communicate. Also please spend some time including Lynnvander on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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Run fast, run hard, and beat the competition in this competitive worker-placement game featuring push-your-luck dice-rolling mayhem.


In Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops, players lead a team of shadowrunners gunning for the big score!

Along the way they’ll have the chance to hire more seasoned runners, outfit their team with cutting-edge technology—from the latest weapons to cyberware enhancements—and take on increasingly dangerous contracts on the mean streets of the Seattle Metroplex.

Each payout increases your chances for a more lethal combination of gear, training, and skill. All leading to that final score as you take on one of the world’s megacorporations. But you’ve got to hit it before another team steals your ticket to the big time—hold off too long to grab that ring, and you’ll lose it all!

Spawl Ops in 3D 2-19

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops is a competitive board game for 3-4 players that combines worker-placement with push-your-luck dice-rolling mayhem.

This game is chromed up and ready to rock! It has everything you need to run the Seattle streets, from a sleek board to custom dice to art work that brings you into one of the greatest settings in gaming history!

This game is brought to you by Dylan Birtolo, Catalyst Game Labs and of course…US (Team Lynnvander)!


Ultimate Game Master Challenge

What’s Happening?  Ultimate Game Master Challenge (UGMC).  It is a challenge presented for those who think they deserve the title of the Ultimate Game Master.  This is the inaugural season and it was chosen to be held for 5ed D&D System in the Legacy of Mana setting.

Who can play? 16 contestants (GMs) will be chosen to compete in 4 qualifiers. (4 GMs per Qualifier). The winner of each Qualifier will move on to the Championship round to be held at SkyCon 2018, Sunday the 14th.

What is this? Each Qualifier will have a scenario to present with 3 elements that must be presented within the scenario. The GM is encouraged to use their creativity in any way (within the confines of the challenge) to incorporate these elements. GMs will have 1 hour to prepare their scenario and decide on the character’s they’re going to use or offer for use from their stable. They will then have 90 minutes to run their scenario.  Then the players will judge the GM on their skill and talent for running.  There are 4 rounds. The GM will run the same scenario of a total of 4 parties. (20 players) throughout the competition.

GMs are responsible for bringing their own dice and stable of pre-generated characters. Pens, pencils, and scratch paper will be provided. All GMs will be given a free PDF copy of the Legacy of Mana setting, and a commemorative GM Screen.  GMs may bring their own accessories (miniatures, matts, maps, dice towers, tokens, etc.)

Who will Judge? There will be 20 judges in each qualifier. They will be assigned to a party of 5 players. There are 4 rounds to judge.  The judges are encouraged to bring their own dice, but an ultimate GM should be well prepared. They will receive a score card for each GM which will be sealed and held-on to until the judging talley.

Judges will judge the GMs on their creativity, use of the elements, and execution of the scenario. How the rules are used and how the GM handles any conflict.

What are we playing for? Well, first and foremost the Title of Ultimate Game Master.  Each qualifier will have prizes for the GMs to win (prizes TBD and will vary based on entry fees and sponsorships). Each winner of the qualifier will play in the final round to be held at SkyCon 2018 October 14th.  There will be 4 guest judges and 16 judges chosen by raffle for the event.  The final scenario will be revealed and the 3 elements.  GMs will be given the information the evening before but must come prepared to run their scenario for 4, 1-hour rounds. There will be a grand prize and a trophy to the winner.

Where and when are these qualifiers and final round happening?  The first qualifier will be held Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 at the Watchtower Restaurant in Waterloo.  The second qualifier will be held Sunday July 8th, 2018 at the Round Table in Guelph. The third qualifier will be held July 22, 2018 at the Watchtower Restaurant in Waterloo. The fourth qualifier will be held Sunday September 30th, 2018 at the Round Table in Guelph.  The Final Round will be held on Sunday October 14th at SkyCon 2018 at the Holiday Inn on Fairview in Kitchener, ON.

How can I apply to be a GM?  GMs must be 18+. Must be a Canadian Resident. Please send a 2 min video tell us who you are, where you’re from, a brief gaming history (RPG) and why you want to win.  The Contestants will be chosen and contacted with their assigned date for qualifier.  You may request a date, but there’s no promise that the date requested will be available. We will do our best.  If you cannot attend the date assigned and there are no other dates available or that work mutually then we will move on to another contestant. There will be a $25-dollar entry for each contestant chosen which will go towards prizes.

How can I be a player/judge? Players/Judge must be 18+. We will set up a small application process and you will be contacted for the seat.

Join the Resistance

Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance

An engaging, fast-paced, scenario driven miniature board game set in Terminator’s apocalyptic future.


 In 2029 a small band of rebels will form a last ditch effort to save humanity from extinction. Skynet will take over most of the world, leaving only the brave few to reclaim it. It will be up to you to take control of a specialized squad of resistance heroes and take the fight to Skynet. For now, the year is 2018, and River Horse and Lynnvander Studios have teamed up to bring you Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance. Join the cause, and back us on Kickstarter today! With your support, the future can be rewritten.


Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players that can be played in 90 minutes. In this dice-rolling combat game, you use the mission book to select your scenario or play through the whole game in campaign mode. Press on toward the next waypoint and don’t get overrun by the machines!

  • 1-4 Players
  • Cooperative Play
  • Modular Tiles
  • High Quality Miniatures
  • 90 Minutes to Play
  • Original Illustrations by Steve Argyle

BoxIso2 press

Please support us by backing this project and/or by spreading the word through social media! @Lynnvander for Twitter and Lynnvander’s Facebook.

If you wish to see play-through videos and more, please subscribe to our channel HERE.

Currently on Kickstarter, the game includes all of your favourite characters, including the Guardian complete with an original mini decked out in full combat gear. For play through videos, game play demos, and tons of component samples, take a look at Terminator Genisys: Rise of the Resistance on Kickstarter – Thanks for backing!

Gen Con 2018

If you’re planning on heading down to Indianapolis this August for some gaming action, don’t forget to plan some quality time with Team Lynnvander!  We’re going to be there in full swing, demoing everything from Star Trek Attack Wing the Alliance System all the way to Cowboy Bebop, Legacy of Mana and Dragon Ball Z!  We’ll even throw in some Reanimator, Terminator and SO MUCH more!

friends and frenimies 2

Check out HERE to register for events through the Gen Con official page.  We’ve taken the liberty to search the key word Lynnvander and give you a list of all our panels and game programming!


If you’re also going to be at Origins in Columbus Ohio in June, we’ll be there too! Hope to see you there!

Legacy of Mana


The Legacy Line

Check out the campaign HERE!

Welcome to the Legacy Line, a series of board games in different stages of production from development to distribution. This all started several years ago when our team set out to create an Arthurian quest-adventure game, Albion’s Legacy, the first game in the Legacy Line. Our first Kickstarter was successfully funded but lead to many difficulties and challenges, and many lessons learned.

As the years went on, we developed and launched several more games in the same universe as Albion’s Legacy but with different mythological themes, like Robyn Hood, Peter Pan, The Three Musketeers and Red Sonja.

We began to step out of the publishing world in 2016 (After Sherwood’s Legacy and Neverland’s Legacy) in favor of becoming a full time design studio. What that means is that we will no longer be publishing original games ourselves. Instead, we will leave the publishing side of things to some of the amazing companies we’ve met along the way that are much better than us at things like distributing games, handling customer support, and handling shipping and logistics. However, before we can step out of that ring entirely, we have to fill the many Kickstarter holes from our previous campaigns. Taking note of special product we have remaining in our studio as well as outstanding product that is still to be manufactured, we’ve decided that it’s time to give this Kickstarter thing one final swing.

This pulse campaign is about the product that we still have to manufacture and the product that we still have to deliver. Our development promises and delivery schedules were highly underestimated and now we have to complete our goals and objectives both for the integrity of our promise to our backers and for the financial survivor-ship of our company.

We’ve recently received a significant amount of requests for expandable product for multiple Legacy games already on the shelf and in people’s homes. There is enough of a demand to warrant a small campaign to offer our products to you, the backers, one last time in order to gain the remaining funds needed to complete the last of the print runs.

This campaign is designed to elicit funds for the manufacturing of the entirety of the remaining Legacy expansion product. This campaign is not designed to elicit new product for the development queue, therefore there is nothing unique to add and no stretch goals.

If you already have some of the Legacy product from a previous campaign or from retail purchases online, at a convention or in your local gaming store then you may want to look at this campaign as a way to get previously Kickstarted content not available for retail. Such as all our expansions, metal dice and coins, tokens, character conversion packs and product not quite at retail yet.

The funding goal is what we need to complete our print runs and release product from our manufacturers. With your help, we’ll have all of this completed and delivered in Q2 of 2018.

Our team is partnered with some of the best in the industry and we’re happy to assemble the ‘Avengers’ here once again.

Our design team is small but focused. While our entire team are designers, Thomas Gofton, our producer runs most of our contracts, Kickstarters, social media and supporter relations. Aron Murch and Josh Derksen are our graphic design, layout, writing, development team and all things rules and pre-press related. Together they are quite the duo.

As mentioned earlier in this campaign, Lynnvander is now strictly a design studio and we’re designing some of the most amazing board game titles in 2018, from Dragon Ball Z to Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Quest, Shadowrun, Star trek Attack Wing and much much more…

Some of our partners/clients are Catalyst Game Labs, Ninja Division, River Horse Entertainment, ALC Studios, Elzra Games, Norse Foundry, Dargon Jargon, WizKids, BODA Manufacturing, Jasco Games and Dynamite Entertainment.

The Legacy Line is primarily published through Jasco Games (Albion’s, Sherwood’s, Neverland’s and Gascony’s) With additional publishing through Dynamite Entertainment (Hyrkania’s Legacy). Dargon Jargon is publishing the Plastic line of Legacy Miniatures (2018).

Together, with Jasco Games, Dargon Jargon, and Dynamite Entertainment, the Legacy line of games and mini’s will be growing. Some of the future Legacy titles include a trip to Japan with Miyamoto’s Legacy and a trip back to France with Joan of Arc in Loraine’s Legacy. We have more licensed Legacies planned for the future but we cannot reveal them at this time due to contractual obligations.

Without you, we’d have had no start and no direction over the last 4 years. Although we have made many mistakes along the way, it has been the kindess and support of you, our backers, that has managed to keep us both alive and able to make the choices to maintain our integrity and finish the job.

Thank- you. 

Please support us by backing this project and/or by spreading the word through social media! @JascoGames @Dynamite and @Lynnvander for Twitter and Lynnvander’s FacebookJasco’s Facebook as well as Dynamite’s Facebook.

Lord of the Jungle

Kickstarter Front Graphic Wide


In this cooperative game for 1-4 players, Tarzan®, Jane, and their party seek the Lost City of Opar. Along their journey, they must chart a path through the jungle and brave its many perils, including Belgian slavers and savage half-humans known as Oparians.

During the day phase, journey through the jungle and engage in tactical battles against a variety of enemies. Then, at night, rest for the next day or use special Night Actions in your location to push your luck for bonuses such as new equipment.

Consider backing this great game today!