Vengeance a wrap!

James C. Golden and Thomas M. Gofton wrapped their first short film entitled Vengeance.   A love story about one beautiful rose and two blades that would die for her heart.  Release is set for mid December.


Mind’s Eye off to the Space Network

Mind's Eye PosterFrom the creative minds of Thomas M. Gofton and Tom Brown comes Mind’s Eye.  This is a modern contemporary series that follows the coming of age story of Illia, a 12 year old boy and his childhood friends. As the story progresses, Illia is affected with the daily pressures of growing up and must discover his self identity. Although this is a fate confronted by every child, Illia also discovers that he has the ability to change the world in a way that goes far deeper than expected and that the fate of the entire world rests solely in his hands, or more importantly, in his mind.  The television pitch was sent to CTV as a log line which then received interest.  After weeks of steady development, the television pitch is sent off and now in their hands.  As a visual aid to the pitch, a 10 minute short film was made, directed by Thomas M. Gofton and produced by Synn Studios Inc. and Lynnvander Productions.

Beyond the short here are a few stills from the film.

"Mark in hero form igniting his sword with energy to battle evil."

"Mark in hero form igniting his sword with energy to battle evil."

"Koji, Darius, Patrick & Elyssa in hero form are defending Illia against evil forces."

"Koji, Darius, Patrick & Elyssa in hero form are defending Illia against evil."

"Illia is shocked by the sight of the Dolgrath Demon."

"Illia is shocked by the sight of the Dolgrath Demon."

"Mark and Elyssa Dreamweaved as children are sensing evil nearby."

"Mark and Elyssa Dreamweaved as children are sensing evil nearby."

Hallowed filming April 2010

picture-4The new feature film “Hallowed” is created and written by Tom Brown, James Golden and Thomas M. Gofton.  It’s an eerie tale of supernatural influence on humanity from the forces of Seraphim or Angels and the Dolgrath known as Demons.

This is a thriller feature set to shoot April 1st, 2010.  In discussion with Anchor Bay Entertainment, Gofton is working hard on the films predistribution deal in Canada and the U.S.   Film and Television actor Art Hindle (Porkey’s, Black Christmas, Offspring) has agreed to act in this project with several additional prospects on the horizon.

Deep 5.H.1.T. filming over the holidays

deep-5h1tThis concept was a whim of mind gone berserk… 5H1T got into the mind of the studio (Synn Studios) and hung out like garlic on a vampire slayer. After my 1st comedy direction opportunity, we’re gonna do it again… but now for real!

Captain Ace Dipper had lost the most important baseball game for his crew which sent them to man the worst space ship in fleet. As the crew orbits the greatest intergalactic star battle earth has ever seen, the crew tries to help when their actions finish the battle with a bang that sends them sailing across the galaxy becoming an enemy to everyone, even their own. It’s only after the smoke clears that they realize they’re in some pretty deep…

This crazy series will be filming over the course of three weeks in December 2009. With 8 episodes shot in April, the cast and crew have decided to come back and make a 6 episode series that will explore the real background of Deep 5.H.1.T. The 6 episode series will be sent as part of a full spoof series that will pitched to the Comedy Network at CTV in January. It’s gonna be deep and fluffy… LOL

Many thanks to the volunteer crew (18 hands including really talented props builders, makeup, writers, camera man, editors, producer etc…) we got it done super quick. After the dust settled, the ship dissembled and recycled into other props, we realized it was way too much fun not to polish and rework into the rubber chicken gem that it truly is.

A rough example of the first episode filmed April 09




Four Aces Released on DVD

After traveling Europe, free-spirited Jessie finally settles in a small southern Ontario town in Canada where she meets four best friends; Michael the jerk, Luke the grump, Gabes the nerd and Christopher the queer who keeps everyone close until love intervenes causing the aces to put on their poker faces.



This DVD is now available here.

SharpCuts calling for submissions

SharpCuts is proud to announce that we’re now accepting submissions for our third annual film and music festival. In the spirit of co-operation and mutual promotion of the wondrous arts scene in the tri-cites, SharpCuts will be moving its dates once again to the November 13-15 weekend, putting us in the heart of the fall film festival season.


Absolute, Dead-to-Rights, Final Deadline – September 30th, 2009