Nameless on DVD!

Nameless Mr. X jars awake buried in a pile of snow with an open gash on his forehead and no memory of his identity. Wandering a vast wintery forest that has neither a beginning nor an end, he finds himself meeting

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Vengeance a wrap!

James C. Golden and Thomas M. Gofton wrapped their first short film entitled Vengeance.   A love story about one beautiful rose and two blades that would die for her heart.  Release is set for mid December.

Mind’s Eye off to the Space Network

From the creative minds of Thomas M. Gofton and Tom Brown comes Mind’s Eye.  This is a modern contemporary series that follows the coming of age story of Illia, a 12 year old boy and his childhood friends. As the story

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Hallowed filming April 2010

The new feature film “Hallowed” is created and written by Tom Brown, James Golden and Thomas M. Gofton.  It’s an eerie tale of supernatural influence on humanity from the forces of Seraphim or Angels and the Dolgrath known as Demons. This

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Deep 5.H.1.T. filming over the holidays

This concept was a whim of mind gone berserk… 5H1T got into the mind of the studio (Synn Studios) and hung out like garlic on a vampire slayer. After my 1st comedy direction opportunity, we’re gonna do it again… but now

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Four Aces Released on DVD

After traveling Europe, free-spirited Jessie finally settles in a small southern Ontario town in Canada where she meets four best friends; Michael the jerk, Luke the grump, Gabes the nerd and Christopher the queer who keeps everyone close until love intervenes

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SharpCuts calling for submissions

SharpCuts is proud to announce that we’re now accepting submissions for our third annual film and music festival. In the spirit of co-operation and mutual promotion of the wondrous arts scene in the tri-cites, SharpCuts will be moving its dates once

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