Ultimate Game Master Challenge

What’s Happening?  Ultimate Game Master Challenge (UGMC).  It is a challenge presented for those who think they deserve the title of the Ultimate Game Master.  This is the inaugural season and it was chosen to be held for 5ed D&D System in the Legacy of Mana setting.

Who can play? 16 contestants (GMs) will be chosen to compete in 4 qualifiers. (4 GMs per Qualifier). The winner of each Qualifier will move on to the Championship round to be held at SkyCon 2018, Sunday the 14th.

What is this? Each Qualifier will have a scenario to present with 3 elements that must be presented within the scenario. The GM is encouraged to use their creativity in any way (within the confines of the challenge) to incorporate these elements. GMs will have 1 hour to prepare their scenario and decide on the character’s they’re going to use or offer for use from their stable. They will then have 90 minutes to run their scenario.  Then the players will judge the GM on their skill and talent for running.  There are 4 rounds. The GM will run the same scenario of a total of 4 parties. (20 players) throughout the competition.

GMs are responsible for bringing their own dice and stable of pre-generated characters. Pens, pencils, and scratch paper will be provided. All GMs will be given a free PDF copy of the Legacy of Mana setting, and a commemorative GM Screen.  GMs may bring their own accessories (miniatures, matts, maps, dice towers, tokens, etc.)

Who will Judge? There will be 20 judges in each qualifier. They will be assigned to a party of 5 players. There are 4 rounds to judge.  The judges are encouraged to bring their own dice, but an ultimate GM should be well prepared. They will receive a score card for each GM which will be sealed and held-on to until the judging talley.

Judges will judge the GMs on their creativity, use of the elements, and execution of the scenario. How the rules are used and how the GM handles any conflict.

What are we playing for? Well, first and foremost the Title of Ultimate Game Master.  Each qualifier will have prizes for the GMs to win (prizes TBD and will vary based on entry fees and sponsorships). Each winner of the qualifier will play in the final round to be held at SkyCon 2018 October 14th.  There will be 4 guest judges and 16 judges chosen by raffle for the event.  The final scenario will be revealed and the 3 elements.  GMs will be given the information the evening before but must come prepared to run their scenario for 4, 1-hour rounds. There will be a grand prize and a trophy to the winner.

Where and when are these qualifiers and final round happening?  The first qualifier will be held Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 at the Watchtower Restaurant in Waterloo.  The second qualifier will be held Sunday July 8th, 2018 at the Round Table in Guelph. The third qualifier will be held July 22, 2018 at the Watchtower Restaurant in Waterloo. The fourth qualifier will be held Sunday September 30th, 2018 at the Round Table in Guelph.  The Final Round will be held on Sunday October 14th at SkyCon 2018 at the Holiday Inn on Fairview in Kitchener, ON.

How can I apply to be a GM?  GMs must be 18+. Must be a Canadian Resident. Please send a 2 min video tell us who you are, where you’re from, a brief gaming history (RPG) and why you want to win.  The Contestants will be chosen and contacted with their assigned date for qualifier.  You may request a date, but there’s no promise that the date requested will be available. We will do our best.  If you cannot attend the date assigned and there are no other dates available or that work mutually then we will move on to another contestant. There will be a $25-dollar entry for each contestant chosen which will go towards prizes.

How can I be a player/judge? Players/Judge must be 18+. We will set up a small application process and you will be contacted for the seat.

Natural 20

Intro BannerIn 2013 Lynnvander Productions released The Gamers: Natural 1, a Cyberpunk action-comedy that bridged a fantastic dystopian future to our mundane – albeit charming – reality. The film followed Monica and Ryan as they tried to balance their lives, gaming, and a pact with Monica’s brother that threatened to divide them.  The Gamers: Natural 20 picks up a year or so after the dramatic ending of N1. The second of our Cyberrun series, N20 promises to be bigger, darker, and like nothing you’ve seen before. The Cyberrunners are back, leveled up and ready to kick butt!

Created by Thomas Gofton and written by Andy Dopieralski, with development by Don Early and Matt Vancil from The Dead Gentlemen Productions, this project brings old and new cast together for a production that will commence principal photography in January of 2016.

The Gamers: Natural 20 will make you laugh, maybe cry and quite possibly wince as we take you for a ride on the electric tornado that will dumpshock the drek out of you!

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter dates coming soon!


If you haven’t seen The Gamers: Natural 1, take a watch here!

Here is a sample of Natrual 1’s poster.  A Poster for N20 will be coming shortly after we fully cast!

Natural 1 movie poster

The Official Natural 1 Poster


Film Festival Victory

Cyberrun: The single most deadly Sci-fi Action Roleplaying Game ever published…

The Gamers: Natural 1 as well as Humans & Households took home the awards this year at the annual Gen Con Indy Film Festival 2015.

The first is The Gamers: Natural 1 – taking home best in Gamer Genre Film.  This is the second aware for Natural 1 since it’s release late 2014.

GEN COn BEST11807628_10101318046981289_7297569362813850764_o11060875_740025272787172_3368125806427276764_n11754773_423874657803355_8758336996833171743_o

Natural 1 – A hilarious action-comedy about a gamer marrying a non-gamer and all the trials of initiation that come with it as they explore the world of cyberpunk!


Natural One begins with a summons to Gary from his Canadian half-sister, Monica. She’s getting married and family tradition calls for her future partner to be vetted in-game-is he gamer enough to be worthy of the family name?

The second is The Gamers: Humans & Households – taking home the big Gen Con prize of Best Series overall.

GEN COn BEST2Humans & Households follows a group of fantasy heroes on their day off as they sit down to enjoy a rousing role-playing game set in a mundane world of traffic lights, errant puppies, indoor plumbing, and other diabolical evils. Written and directed by Gamers creator Matt Vancil, this three-episode miniseries shows us that perspective is everything, with hilarious results.

Gen Con Indy

Our entire team is headed to Gen Con Indy this year and we’ve got one heck of an action packed schedule for you. See the schedule below for more details and sign up early! This schedule was just released from Gen Con’s event staff. The list of events is below, where you can sign up.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about each of the events.  There will be more to come as we’re sponsoring some amazing things with our friends at Geek Chic.


We’re exhibiting in the main hall!  Exhibit Hall Booth #2920. Come visit us at the booth during off hours programming.  Meet our design team in full force and grab your very own copy of Albion’s Legacy, see the prototypes for Sherwood’s and more!


If you’re interested in…

AlbionsThursday 12:00noon – BGM1574096
Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1568738
Friday 11:00am – BGM1582939
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1568759
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1568763
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1574099
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1568768

SherwoodsThursday 12:00noon – BGM1582938
Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1573875
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1581675
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1581676
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1581677

ShadowrunThursday 12:00noon – BGM1568758
Friday 11:00am – BGM1581668
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1581672
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1581673

Deep5Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1568756
Friday 11:00am – BGM1574097
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1568760
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1568764
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1568767

ManaThursday 12:00noon – RPG1568757
Friday 5:00pm – RPG1568761
Sunday 12:00noon – RPG1568766

Natural1Friday 7:00pm – FLM1581891
Friday 7:30pm – H&H FLM1581892

Natural 1 – Officially Released!

Natural 1

“Cyberrun. The single, most deadly, sci-fi-action roleplaying game ever published…”

It’s finally here! Natural 1 has been released to the masses! The first wave of DVD’s were sold at Gen Con Indy 2014 and there was much success. Two official screenings were held as well at Gen Con with equal success.

It has been a pleasure working with some of the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment team.  If you haven’t heard about Natural 1 – take a look at the forums here – N1 DISCUSSION.

What’s next?

The majority of the cast and crew are ready to do it again! Right now we’re in discussion with Zombie Orpheus as to the extent of their involvement but everything is coming up awesome!  Stay tuned for more news on Natural 1 and it’s sister sidekick Humans and Households!

Here is the official poster for Natural 1.

Natural 1 movie poster

The Official Natural 1 Poster

Some production stills courtesy of Andy Dopieralski


The crew is planning the next shot in the grand finale scene of Natural 1.


The Troll Bodyguard and the Cyber Girls


Monica gets her boogie on with Director of Photography Mike Cameron.


The Elevator scene… a personal fav of the Creator and Producer Thomas Gofton.


Assistant Director Tony and Director of Photography Mike are focused.


Putting the sword back in it’s sheath through the eyes of the RED monitor.

Stay tuned for more information on future convention attendances and screening info.

In Development

A New Series

In 2010, the producers of Lynnvander put their resources together for a show called Mind’s Eye.  It had an excellent production run until it’s option in late 2011. Since then, Lynnvander has gone on to co-produce The Gamers: Hands of Fate, The Gamers: Natural 1 and Humans & Households.

We’re in development for our newest show, teaming up with talent from all over this show will take teen fantasy into a new world. Keep an eye out for the latest in development.

Here’s a teaser graphic of our working title.


The AtmaGEEK is at GenreCon

AtmaGEEK is Lynnvander

If you’re in the area of Guelph on October 4th-6th weekend I highly recommend coming to this fun, panel packed, nerd fest of awesomeness at the Delta Guelph, Hotel and Conference Centre for the annual fest GenreCon! Come get your geek on with the AtmaGEEK representing Lynnvander in all ways film, fun and fan!

Here’s the AtmaGEEK Bio PAGE

Here’s a list of the schedule – Look me up, come check out the activities and please come say hello!



Lynnvander Inc. at Dragon Con this year!

Join producer, actor and creator Thomas Gofton at Dragon Con this year for an array of panels and workshops, screenings and general discussion. Representing several initiatives, Thomas is ready to lend his career experience so far to any and all who wish to hear it.

The Dragon Con schedule is below;

Title: Filmmaking Basics and Beyond: Producing
Time: Fri 11:30 am
Location: Fairlie – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Learn the art of producing a film and the trends and the tricks that can make you successful.

Title: My Favorite Book is a TV Show
Time: Fri 04:00 pm
Location: Embassy C – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: A Song of Ice and Fire has entered the cultural lexicon, but other fantasy book series haven’t had the same luck.

Title: World Building Panel
Time: Sat 04:00 pm
Location: The Crystal Ballroom (Length: 1)
Description: Join some of the best fantasy RPG world builders as they share their creative knowledge.

Title: Are Web Series the New Short Films?
Time: Sat 05:30 pm
Location: The Learning Center – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: Cheaper than a TV series and more immediate than film festivals, a web series could be the way to make your short film.

Title: The Gamers: “Natural One” and “Humans and Households”
Time: Sun 02:30 pm
Location: International South – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: A screening of two brand new shorts in the Gamers series. Q&A with the filmmakers after.

Title: The Gamers
Time: Sun 04:00 pm
Location: Fairlie – Hyatt (Length: 1)
Description: A look at the making of The Gamers series, its wildly successful Kickstarter run, and what’s next for the series.

For more updates join our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter!

The Gamers: Natural 1

Lynnvander Inc. has teamed up with the forces of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and we’re hitting the matrix full cyber gear ahead! The test screening is happening live at Gen Con Indy 2013. To register to see this short pilot in it’s infancy please click the link below;



Natural One begins with a summons to Gary (Christian Doyle) from his Canadian half-sister, Monica (Monica Zelak). She’s getting married and family tradition calls for her future partner to be vetted in-game-is he gamer enough to be worthy of the family name? Gary, accompanied by Leo (Scott C. Brown), travels to Canada for an epic cyberpunk gaming showdown GM’d by Canada’s greatest GM Harper (Thomas M. Gofton). Written by Christian Doyle and Tom Brown and directed by Matt Vancil, this miniseries is also three episodes, because three is the magic number.