The Legacy Continues

So we brought you to Albion to save Camelot from despair in the Arthurian Albion’s Legacy… then we ran you through Sherwood’s forest to save the innocents from the vile Sheriff of Nottingham in Sherwood’s Legacy…. now it’s time to continue the adventures…

But first… our new partner in publishing, Jasco Games will be jumping on board to publish all of our Legacy series.  A contract of 8 Legacy games all for you!


In Neverland’s Legacy, Peter Pan, and his allies face off against Captain Hook and his pirate crew on the high seas!  Coming this winter 2015!


In Gascon’s Legacy,  d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers fight through Paris to defeat the Cardinal! All for one, and one for all!  Coming this June 2016!


In Miyamoto’s Legacy, Musashi and the 7 Samurai hone their skills to defend the land from bandits and feudal lords alike! Coming fall 2017!

About Jasco!


About Jasco Games

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jasco Games is a premier designer and publisher of table top games, competitive card games, board games, and more. The current publisher of the Universal Fighting System and creator of the upcoming Mega Man Board Game, Jasco Games was started in 1998 and has since developed a reputation as offering quality products and the best gaming experiences, as well as interacting with fans and listening to their feedback. Jasco Games works with individuals across the country, utilizing their exceptional talents in art design, management, and sales.

Jasco Games has partnered and worked with major companies such as Capcom, SnK Playmore, Fantasy Flight Games, Level 99 Games, Ninja Division, and more. If you are interested in working with Jasco Games, contact

For more information, please visit Jasco Games online at, follow them on Facebook at or on Twitter at

Natural 20

Intro BannerIn 2013 Lynnvander Productions released The Gamers: Natural 1, a Cyberpunk action-comedy that bridged a fantastic dystopian future to our mundane – albeit charming – reality. The film followed Monica and Ryan as they tried to balance their lives, gaming, and a pact with Monica’s brother that threatened to divide them.  The Gamers: Natural 20 picks up a year or so after the dramatic ending of N1. The second of our Cyberrun series, N20 promises to be bigger, darker, and like nothing you’ve seen before. The Cyberrunners are back, leveled up and ready to kick butt!

Created by Thomas Gofton and written by Andy Dopieralski, with development by Don Early and Matt Vancil from The Dead Gentlemen Productions, this project brings old and new cast together for a production that will commence principal photography in January of 2016.

The Gamers: Natural 20 will make you laugh, maybe cry and quite possibly wince as we take you for a ride on the electric tornado that will dumpshock the drek out of you!

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter dates coming soon!


If you haven’t seen The Gamers: Natural 1, take a watch here!

Here is a sample of Natrual 1’s poster.  A Poster for N20 will be coming shortly after we fully cast!

Natural 1 movie poster

The Official Natural 1 Poster


The Round Table

A place where memories are forged and never forgotten.

Lynnvander is creating something new and exciting for the community of Guelph, Ontario Canada.

Inspired by some of the greatest gaming cafe’s and taverns across North America from The Stormcrow Tavern in British Columbia all the way to The Boardroom Cafe in Halifax and back across the land again to Tacoma Washington with AFK Tavern, Lynnvander is about to build one of its own!

Welcome to The Round Table.

We’ve just procured our location in Guelph Ontario. Our goals are to bring the very best to you in gaming, mixology, food and fun. Our establishment will contain exactly that. We will have progressive programming, specialty gaming tables and a lot of the very best of games available for you, your friends and family to enjoy.

Round Table Business Card Front

Our goals are to open our door in the fall of 2015. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates and announcements as we wade through the waters of construction, development, menu design and more. If you like watching videos, we will be documenting the entire process. Subscribe to the AtmaGEEK channel to be up to date on the episodic creation of Guelph’s very own Boardgame Cafe and Tavern!

We’re not alone in this endeavor!

The Tables…. So our cafe will be loaded with the very best in Geek Chic-ery!  Below is a photo of tavern table bases that will be used at The Round Table!  These tables will be part of the incredible gaming culture and lifestyle you can expect at our establishment.  More to come…so stay close.


Film Festival Victory

Cyberrun: The single most deadly Sci-fi Action Roleplaying Game ever published…

The Gamers: Natural 1 as well as Humans & Households took home the awards this year at the annual Gen Con Indy Film Festival 2015.

The first is The Gamers: Natural 1 – taking home best in Gamer Genre Film.  This is the second aware for Natural 1 since it’s release late 2014.

GEN COn BEST11807628_10101318046981289_7297569362813850764_o11060875_740025272787172_3368125806427276764_n11754773_423874657803355_8758336996833171743_o

Natural 1 – A hilarious action-comedy about a gamer marrying a non-gamer and all the trials of initiation that come with it as they explore the world of cyberpunk!


Natural One begins with a summons to Gary from his Canadian half-sister, Monica. She’s getting married and family tradition calls for her future partner to be vetted in-game-is he gamer enough to be worthy of the family name?

The second is The Gamers: Humans & Households – taking home the big Gen Con prize of Best Series overall.

GEN COn BEST2Humans & Households follows a group of fantasy heroes on their day off as they sit down to enjoy a rousing role-playing game set in a mundane world of traffic lights, errant puppies, indoor plumbing, and other diabolical evils. Written and directed by Gamers creator Matt Vancil, this three-episode miniseries shows us that perspective is everything, with hilarious results.

Gen Con Indy

Our entire team is headed to Gen Con Indy this year and we’ve got one heck of an action packed schedule for you. See the schedule below for more details and sign up early! This schedule was just released from Gen Con’s event staff. The list of events is below, where you can sign up.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about each of the events.  There will be more to come as we’re sponsoring some amazing things with our friends at Geek Chic.


We’re exhibiting in the main hall!  Exhibit Hall Booth #2920. Come visit us at the booth during off hours programming.  Meet our design team in full force and grab your very own copy of Albion’s Legacy, see the prototypes for Sherwood’s and more!


If you’re interested in…

AlbionsThursday 12:00noon – BGM1574096
Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1568738
Friday 11:00am – BGM1582939
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1568759
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1568763
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1574099
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1568768

SherwoodsThursday 12:00noon – BGM1582938
Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1573875
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1581675
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1581676
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1581677

ShadowrunThursday 12:00noon – BGM1568758
Friday 11:00am – BGM1581668
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1581672
Saturday 4:00pm – BGM1581673

Deep5Thursday 3:00pm – BGM1568756
Friday 11:00am – BGM1574097
Friday 2:00pm – BGM1568760
Saturday 11:00am – BGM1568764
Sunday 1:00pm – BGM1568767

ManaThursday 12:00noon – RPG1568757
Friday 5:00pm – RPG1568761
Sunday 12:00noon – RPG1568766

Natural1Friday 7:00pm – FLM1581891
Friday 7:30pm – H&H FLM1581892

Sherwood’s Legacy

A fully cooperative, tower defense style boardgame with a Robyn Hood theme. The successor to the Arthurian themed Albion’s Legacy game.

Welcome to Sherwood forest. Take up arms with the best of the Merry men and women! Let’s show the Sheriff he can’t push us around anymore! Steal from the rich and give to the poor as Robyn and his allies defend Sherwood forest in this fully cooperative, tower-defense game. Get ready to nock, aim and loose your arrow for victory!

See our campaign on KICKSTARTER!

You can still get our Kickstarter pledges below!  We’ll honor them for the next couple of weeks. You can pre-order from HERE on our Backerkit OR….below on our PayPal.


(Retail Version with Shipping included to US and Canada. International will be contacted for slight adjustments.)



(Kickstarter Version, includes the Highway Robbery Expansion kit with Shipping included to US and Canada. International will be contacted for slight adjustments.)


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MarianSampes of tile Sculpt samples


Deep 5H.1T

Looks like we’re in some pretty deep…

A Sci-fi worker placement, strategy game for 2-4 players. Manage your resources carefully or you may end up in some pretty deep…

Kickstarter Front GraphicNOW ON KICKSTARTER!


In the distant future, a crew of oddballs in a ship that can barely stay powered must save themselves from themselves and from, the universe. To lead a starship one must possess a keen eye, a sharp mind, and the courage to stare down insurmountable odds – or at the very least one must own a ship with enough crew to keep it from exploding.

Deep 5H.1T is a competitive, resource management, strategy game for 2-4 players. You decide how your character will spend their actions, collect their resources and ultimately build their commendations to score enough points to be considered the true ‘captain’ of the very first 5H class ship in the space fleet. The running time is approximately 60-90 minutes for a full four player game.


This is Urinetown


Curtain Call’s Alumni

In March of 2007 the members of Curtain Call Productions brought you “Urinetown: The Musical”.  Now, October 2014, over 7 years later, in light of the University of Guelph’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the alumni have returned to perform an encore reprisal of this famous satirical comedy.  The Curtain Call alumni have been joined by additional performers and professionals to collaborate on one of the most unique and awesome shows to hit the stages of War Memorial Hall’s history!  This is one show you don’t want to miss.


Urinetown: The Musical is a satirical comedy musical from 2001, with music by Mark Hollmann, lyrics by Hollmann and Greg Kotis, and book by Kotis. It satirizes the legal system, capitalism, social irresponsibility, populism, bureaucracy, corporate mismanagement, and municipal politics. The show also parodies musicals such as The Threepenny Opera, The Cradle Will Rock and Les Misérables, and the Broadway musical itself as a form. In reverse pantomime style, the unconventional plotline shatters audience expectations of a somewhat pleasant ending. The characters of Bobby Strong and Hope were included on New York Theatre Monthly’s list of “The 100 Greatest Roles in Musical Theatre”.

Get Tickets

If you want tickets directly, contact the Producing team OR you can get your tickets here.

Curtain Call Productions

Curtain Call Productions is a registered club under the Central Student Association at the University of Guelph. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for the community of the University of Guelph and Wellington County to develop their artistic talent through musical theatre and by doing so foster or enhance an appreciation for the arts.

Curtain Call Productions (CCP) began as a student company in 1957 as part of College Royal festivities. The company performed plays, much like a variety show. The plays were self written and based on events that occurred on campus, or spoofs of everyday campus life. The company is now funded independently through donations, membership fees, and fundraising efforts both on and off-campus. CCP membership is comprised of the board of directors, executive board, cast, orchestra, and crew.

In 1993, CCP decided to try their hand at a full Broadway musical production with the generous financial help of College Royal and other academic colleges at the University. From there, CCP has grown in size and in stature making performances bigger and better while still being a full student-run volunteer production company.

Past musical productions include: Grease, West Side Story, City of Angels, Jesus Christ Superstar, Hair, Fame, Tommy, A Chorus Line, Crazy For You, Guys and Dolls, Annie Get Your Gun, Chess, and Once Upon a Mattress. For their 50th Anniversary in 2007, Curtain Call was proud to present Urinetown: The Musical, followed by Zombie Prom: The Musical!, FAME!, Reefer Madness, Jekyll & Hyde, RENT!, and Caberet.

Natural 1 – Officially Released!

Natural 1

“Cyberrun. The single, most deadly, sci-fi-action roleplaying game ever published…”

It’s finally here! Natural 1 has been released to the masses! The first wave of DVD’s were sold at Gen Con Indy 2014 and there was much success. Two official screenings were held as well at Gen Con with equal success.

It has been a pleasure working with some of the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment team.  If you haven’t heard about Natural 1 – take a look at the forums here – N1 DISCUSSION.

What’s next?

The majority of the cast and crew are ready to do it again! Right now we’re in discussion with Zombie Orpheus as to the extent of their involvement but everything is coming up awesome!  Stay tuned for more news on Natural 1 and it’s sister sidekick Humans and Households!

Here is the official poster for Natural 1.

Natural 1 movie poster

The Official Natural 1 Poster

Some production stills courtesy of Andy Dopieralski


The crew is planning the next shot in the grand finale scene of Natural 1.


The Troll Bodyguard and the Cyber Girls


Monica gets her boogie on with Director of Photography Mike Cameron.


The Elevator scene… a personal fav of the Creator and Producer Thomas Gofton.


Assistant Director Tony and Director of Photography Mike are focused.


Putting the sword back in it’s sheath through the eyes of the RED monitor.

Stay tuned for more information on future convention attendances and screening info.

Albion’s Legacy


Please consider pledging or at the very least spread the word to all that may wish to partake in questing for Camelot!

PledgeAlbion’s Legacy is a cooperative adventure board game for 1-4 players (expandable to 6 players). The game allows players to be one of their favourite Arthurian characters from the wizard Merlin, the famous Lady of the Lake, from the brave Sir Lancelot to King Arthur himself. These heroes will champion all that is good in 90 minutes as the players travel across the realm of Albion and face dangerous roaming threats, mythical beasts and deadly encounters. Collect famous relics, artifacts, weapons and special awards under a heated deadline while solving some of the Arthurian legends most famous historical and mythical chronicles.

This game will challenge you, excite you, educate you and if you’re not careful it will take you down (your character that is…)  Everything you need is provided at the gaming table, just bring your friends, your love of Arthurian lore (knowledge of Arthurian lore optional) and your thirst for adventure! Onward! The Kingdom needs YOU!

Paste In postA few stats for the game (read below for a detailed breakdown of characters and story bits!);

  • 1-4 players (expandable to 6 players)
  • Modular Adventure (A board to play on that you can walk off and continue play by exploring random realm tiles. This makes every games exploration different every time!)
  • 100% cooperative play.
  • Collect items and artifacts, face of against famous enemies and walk through fantastic realms that are tailored to both historical and mythical Arthurian Lore.
  • Play your favourite Arthurian Characters including Sir Mordred, Nimue, the Lady of the Lake and Queen Gwenivere.
  • Use special ‘Fate’ Dice with unique icons to determine combat and other special mechanics.


Albions Legacy_Arthur Pendragon Vibrant Albion's Legacy_Merlin VibrantJOIN US in Social Media!




Part 1

Part 2