Adventure Awaits!

With Origins Game Fair, coming up fast, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be upholding tradition and Kickstarting the 3rd game in the Legacy series while we’re at the convention!

In the first Legacy Game, you helped King Arthur and his allies prevent the land from falling into despair. In the second, you helped Robin Hood to defend Sherwood Forrest from the Sheriff and his forces. Now, we’re making a stand and saying that having a legacy doesn’t mean having to grow up!

Our next Legacy game will take you to Neverland where you’ll help Peter Pan and his allies raid Captain Hook’s ship, or in a new turn for the series, you’ll be able to play an alternate game mode in which you help Captain Hook and his crew to raid the lost boys’ camp.

In addition, Peter Pan will even have support from his allies in Sherwood forest and Castle Camelot in Albion! This campaign will be chalk full of exciting exclusive content such as Albion’s Legacy 2nd edition metal miniature alternate sculpts, original sculpts for the last Albion’s Legacy expansion characters and all of our exclusive Legacy kickstarter expansions.


Travel to Neverland with Peter Pan and his allies when we launch the Neverland’s Legacy Kickstarter on June 15th!

This project is in partnership with Jasco Games.

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