Albion’s Legacy 2nd Edition

Second Ed

Albion’s Legacy is a a fully cooperative modular-adventure game for 1-4 players (expandable to 6).

In Albion’s Legacy, King Arthur and his allies explore Albion in search of specific Realms, while trying to collect enough Quest Coins to win the game! As the Realms are explored, various Enemies will stand in the way, and must be Challenged by rolling the Stones of Chance! Meanwhile, Despair threatens the land! If the Flames of Hope are extinguished, or all Virtue is lost, the kingdom falls! It’s up to you to triumph against overwhelming odds!


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Albion’s Legacy was successfully funded on June 15, 2014, and has been fulfilled! Albion’s Legacy was our first game, and following fulfillment, we’ve continued to pour our hearts and souls into it. We’ve improved the game in almost every way, and now we are happy to announce that Albion’s Legacy 2nd Edition is ready for manufacturing! We will be manufacturing this version of the game, one way or another, and this Kickstarter is our way of going bigger and better. With your help, we can do a larger print run of the 2nd edition, and bring Albion’s Legacy to a wider audience.


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