Friends and Frenemies

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Friends and Frenemies

Lynnvander Studios and Jasco Games are proud to announce the first expansion set for Buffy the Vampire. The new addition includes everything from new locations for the town, members of the military to mess with your plans, and more.

The different additions to the game are modular, allowing you to use any of the pieces as you like. Included in this new expansion is a new board, creating a new scenario and adding The Initiative to the game. Members of their organization hunt monsters, changing some of the key mechanics of the game.

New big bads create new challenges for experienced players. Dark Willow, Drusilla, and Spike operate in new ways, serving up new challenges for the Scoobies.

Finally, there are several new Scoobies; Anya, Riley, Oz, Faith, Tara, and Dawn make their debut. Each provides their own new ways to play the game, giving you new characters and new ways to play the game.

We’re going to be at Gen Con 2017! If you are too, sign up and get the chance to play with team Lynnvander! Plus you’ll get a chance to see the expansion first hand! We’d love to hear what you think. Here’s the schedule below (make sure you get your tickets soon, they sell out quite quickly);

If you’re local to our hometown of Guelph Ontario, we will be hosting test sessions and feedback sessions for you to be able to participate in. Check our THE ROUND TABLE TAVERN for more information of follow our FACEBOOK page.

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