board game design
Lynnvander Studios and Jasco Games are at it again – creating Dragon Ball Z the Board Game Saga. Make your way through multiple sagas, powering up, learning new moves and techniques as you go. When you get far enough, you even unlock the ability to go Super Saiyan or unlock your true potential.

Play with all your friends to take on the roles of our heroes; you can follow Goku, Piccolo, and all your favorites throughout the multiple sagas. Even death can’t stop you! Your friends can collect the Dragon Balls and bring you back, stronger than ever with training from King Kai.

Build a deck, call on allies, eat Sensu beans, and develop combos to be able to take on enemies. Work hard and you can bring your power levels to new heights.

You can either jump straight in to your favorite saga, or play the entire campaign as you fight each and every major battle of each saga.

Beyond all of that, the game comes with a number of unique sculpted miniatures, found nowhere else. Both enemies and heroes will have unique sculpts created, making this game one of a kind.

Train, fight, work hard, and develop powerful allies to take on new challengers that hope to destroy the world.

We’re going to be at Gen Con 2017! If you are too, sign up for the ‘First Looks’ sessions and get the chance to play the game before it goes to print! We’d love to hear what you think. Here’s the schedule below (make sure you get your tickets soon, they sell out quite fast);


If you’re local to our hometown of Guelph Ontario, we will be hosting stress test sessions and feedback games for you to be able to participate in. We’d love to have you test the game to it’s TRUE potential. Check our THE ROUND TABLE TAVERN for more information of follow our FACEBOOK page.

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