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Having a legacy doesn’t mean having to grow up! Travel to Neverland with Peter Pan and his allies in the third epic installment in the Legacy series! Neverland’s Legacy is set in the same universe as Albion’s Legacy and Sherwood’s Legacy but is a totally stand-alone game that doesn’t require the other Legacy games to play.

In this strategic, dice-rolling skirmish game, you help either Peter Pan and his allies or Captain Hook and his crew to assault their rivals on Hook’s pirate ship or in the lost boys’ camp respectively. At the start of the game, you’ll choose which faction to play as and then set up the appropriate location to attack. Whether you’re playing as Peter and his allies or Hook and his crew, you’ll then assault your foes’ base of operations, drawing cards to search every nook and cranny for lost boys, fairies, and pirate treasure, while positioning yourselves around the board to bypass or fight off your enemies. As your foes cause you to fall into despair, you are forced to roll Stones of Chance instead of choosing your actions, making it more difficult to take optimal turns.

nverland ship

As Peter and his allies, the game is won when you rescue all of the lost boys aboard Hook’s ship. As Captain Hook and his crew, the game is won when you capture all of the lost boys hiding in their camp. In either case, the game is lost when your foes defeat enough of your characters!

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Legacy Campaign

 What is the Legacy Series?

When Albion’s Legacy was first created we wanted to do more than just one epic legend, so we decided to commit to a series of epic legends throughout time and culture that could culminate together to bring you the ultimate fantasy experience.


Neverland’s Legacy is the 3rd Legacy game of 9. Below are a few titles you can expect to see in the coming 2016 and 2017 Lynnvander/Jasco release year. We’ll take you from Feudal Japan all the way to the depths of Atlantis, whether riding a Chandelier as a Musketeer or sizing a French Castle as Joan of Arc, there will be something for everyone.


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