The Legacy Continues

So we brought you to Albion to save Camelot from despair in the Arthurian Albion’s Legacy… then we ran you through Sherwood’s forest to save the innocents from the vile Sheriff of Nottingham in Sherwood’s Legacy…. now it’s time to continue the adventures…

But first… our new partner in publishing, Jasco Games will be jumping on board to publish all of our Legacy series.  A contract of 8 Legacy games all for you!


In Neverland’s Legacy, Peter Pan, and his allies face off against Captain Hook and his pirate crew on the high seas!  Coming this winter 2015!


In Gascon’s Legacy,  d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers fight through Paris to defeat the Cardinal! All for one, and one for all!  Coming this June 2016!


In Miyamoto’s Legacy, Musashi and the 7 Samurai hone their skills to defend the land from bandits and feudal lords alike! Coming fall 2017!

About Jasco!


About Jasco Games

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jasco Games is a premier designer and publisher of table top games, competitive card games, board games, and more. The current publisher of the Universal Fighting System and creator of the upcoming Mega Man Board Game, Jasco Games was started in 1998 and has since developed a reputation as offering quality products and the best gaming experiences, as well as interacting with fans and listening to their feedback. Jasco Games works with individuals across the country, utilizing their exceptional talents in art design, management, and sales.

Jasco Games has partnered and worked with major companies such as Capcom, SnK Playmore, Fantasy Flight Games, Level 99 Games, Ninja Division, and more. If you are interested in working with Jasco Games, contact

For more information, please visit Jasco Games online at, follow them on Facebook at or on Twitter at

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