The Legacy Line

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Welcome to the Legacy Line, a series of board games in different stages of production from development to distribution. This all started several years ago when our team set out to create an Arthurian quest-adventure game, Albion’s Legacy, the first game in the Legacy Line. Our first Kickstarter was successfully funded but lead to many difficulties and challenges, and many lessons learned.

As the years went on, we developed and launched several more games in the same universe as Albion’s Legacy but with different mythological themes, like Robyn Hood, Peter Pan, The Three Musketeers and Red Sonja.

We began to step out of the publishing world in 2016 (After Sherwood’s Legacy and Neverland’s Legacy) in favor of becoming a full time design studio. What that means is that we will no longer be publishing original games ourselves. Instead, we will leave the publishing side of things to some of the amazing companies we’ve met along the way that are much better than us at things like distributing games, handling customer support, and handling shipping and logistics. However, before we can step out of that ring entirely, we have to fill the many Kickstarter holes from our previous campaigns. Taking note of special product we have remaining in our studio as well as outstanding product that is still to be manufactured, we’ve decided that it’s time to give this Kickstarter thing one final swing.

This pulse campaign is about the product that we still have to manufacture and the product that we still have to deliver. Our development promises and delivery schedules were highly underestimated and now we have to complete our goals and objectives both for the integrity of our promise to our backers and for the financial survivor-ship of our company.

We’ve recently received a significant amount of requests for expandable product for multiple Legacy games already on the shelf and in people’s homes. There is enough of a demand to warrant a small campaign to offer our products to you, the backers, one last time in order to gain the remaining funds needed to complete the last of the print runs.

This campaign is designed to elicit funds for the manufacturing of the entirety of the remaining Legacy expansion product. This campaign is not designed to elicit new product for the development queue, therefore there is nothing unique to add and no stretch goals.

If you already have some of the Legacy product from a previous campaign or from retail purchases online, at a convention or in your local gaming store then you may want to look at this campaign as a way to get previously Kickstarted content not available for retail. Such as all our expansions, metal dice and coins, tokens, character conversion packs and product not quite at retail yet.

The funding goal is what we need to complete our print runs and release product from our manufacturers. With your help, we’ll have all of this completed and delivered in Q2 of 2018.

Our team is partnered with some of the best in the industry and we’re happy to assemble the ‘Avengers’ here once again.

Our design team is small but focused. While our entire team are designers, Thomas Gofton, our producer runs most of our contracts, Kickstarters, social media and supporter relations. Aron Murch and Josh Derksen are our graphic design, layout, writing, development team and all things rules and pre-press related. Together they are quite the duo.

As mentioned earlier in this campaign, Lynnvander is now strictly a design studio and we’re designing some of the most amazing board game titles in 2018, from Dragon Ball Z to Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Quest, Shadowrun, Star trek Attack Wing and much much more…

Some of our partners/clients are Catalyst Game Labs, Ninja Division, River Horse Entertainment, ALC Studios, Elzra Games, Norse Foundry, Dargon Jargon, WizKids, BODA Manufacturing, Jasco Games and Dynamite Entertainment.

The Legacy Line is primarily published through Jasco Games (Albion’s, Sherwood’s, Neverland’s and Gascony’s) With additional publishing through Dynamite Entertainment (Hyrkania’s Legacy). Dargon Jargon is publishing the Plastic line of Legacy Miniatures (2018).

Together, with Jasco Games, Dargon Jargon, and Dynamite Entertainment, the Legacy line of games and mini’s will be growing. Some of the future Legacy titles include a trip to Japan with Miyamoto’s Legacy and a trip back to France with Joan of Arc in Loraine’s Legacy. We have more licensed Legacies planned for the future but we cannot reveal them at this time due to contractual obligations.

Without you, we’d have had no start and no direction over the last 4 years. Although we have made many mistakes along the way, it has been the kindess and support of you, our backers, that has managed to keep us both alive and able to make the choices to maintain our integrity and finish the job.

Thank- you. 

Please support us by backing this project and/or by spreading the word through social media! @JascoGames @Dynamite and @Lynnvander for Twitter and Lynnvander’s FacebookJasco’s Facebook as well as Dynamite’s Facebook.

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