The Round Table

A place where memories are forged and never forgotten.

Lynnvander is creating something new and exciting for the community of Guelph, Ontario Canada.

Inspired by some of the greatest gaming cafe’s and taverns across North America from The Stormcrow Tavern in British Columbia all the way to The Boardroom Cafe in Halifax and back across the land again to Tacoma Washington with AFK Tavern, Lynnvander is about to build one of its own!

Welcome to The Round Table.

We’ve just procured our location in Guelph Ontario. Our goals are to bring the very best to you in gaming, mixology, food and fun. Our establishment will contain exactly that. We will have progressive programming, specialty gaming tables and a lot of the very best of games available for you, your friends and family to enjoy.

Round Table Business Card Front

Our goals are to open our door in the fall of 2015. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates and announcements as we wade through the waters of construction, development, menu design and more. If you like watching videos, we will be documenting the entire process. Subscribe to the AtmaGEEK channel to be up to date on the episodic creation of Guelph’s very own Boardgame Cafe and Tavern!

We’re not alone in this endeavor!

The Tables…. So our cafe will be loaded with the very best in Geek Chic-ery!  Below is a photo of tavern table bases that will be used at The Round Table!  These tables will be part of the incredible gaming culture and lifestyle you can expect at our establishment.  More to come…so stay close.


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