Or as we like to call it, the “Lynnvandarian” is finally here!

What is the Knight of Lynnvander?

This is a new loyalty program for our amazing patrons! As a result, this program allows our fandom to engage with our games in a unique way.

There are three major perks, for instance:

Exclusive gaming content.

Firstly, you will be able to gain access to free content our team creates. (within licensing parameters) Such as alternate artwork on cards, new mechanics as well as alternate posed mini’s. In addition you will have access to expansion content and more. In short, we will give you cool stuff that you can’t get anywhere else, because, you deserve it.

Exclusive event attendance.

Secondly, when we’re back in action at conventions around the world, Team Lynnvander will be hosting private functions. Like evenings with at local eateries and conventions spaces. Being a Knight will grant you immediate access, therefore, if the events have fees associated or are open to the public you likely gain preferred access as well as reduced costs or free. (subject to the venues) Basically you get to hang out with us without any static.

Exclusive access.

Thirdly, you’ll have first crack at our testing programs. Access to news outlets an closed forums. Anything from a Discord discussion group to game jams all the way up to pitch nights! As a result, you get to hear it first. Experience it first, therefore, be the first!

Lynnvander metal badge picture

How to access?

Once you have the shield, you are on the list! We’ll get to know you. If we haven’t already. If you’re in person, just show us the shield. Of course you don’t have to have it on you, however, we’ll have your name on a list and we’ll know who you are. If at a convention, just show us the shield, get your name crossed off an we’ll give you all the goodies we have at that con!

If you’re far away, just contact us when we release new projects. Odds are we’ll have already contacted you through our private channels. You will therefore be informed of the new and exclusive content. Some of this stuff will not be advertised.

Where do I get my KoL Shield?


We will contact you to arrange shipping. When the shield arrives, get creative with it! Turn it into a pendant, a belt buckle, put it on the pommel of a sword, make it a police badge in the wallet! Just have fun with it! If you have questions feel free to reach out at any of our public forums.

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