Lynnvander Studios

We are one of the first board game design studio to offer a one stop shop for everything from concept to deliverables and on the floor marketing. When you hire us, we can take your intellectual property and develop a game concept within a matter of weeks. Then, over the following months, we take your game through a rigorous revision process based on your feedback and intensive play-testing. When it comes time to polish your game and prepare it for manufacturing, our in-house technical writers and graphic designers team up with our team of illustrators to design top-notch game components, and rule books. We even have in-house sculpting for miniatures games. Finally, we can coordinate with your manufacturer, or one of our preferred manufacturers to proof your game and get it ready for you to publish. Our past work on games like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer: the Board Game” and “Galaxy Quest: the Board Game” has taken us to conventions around the world, where we run demos and provide marketing for all of the games that we design. If you represent a major publisher and you want to produce high quality games at a faster rate, Inquire Here.


Iounestone Film Studios

Lynnvander offers a wide variety of production services for both domestic and international clients. Some of these services include; producing, location management, editing, intellectual property development, distribution representation, equipment, graphic services, titling, writing, foley, sound design and more. Iounestone Film Studios is located in Guelph, Ontario Canada with studio bay space ideal for set development as well as equipment services. Iounestone Film Studios will open its doors in Q4 2016. Our crew and production services are active. For more information Inquire Here.


Adventurer’s Guild

Beginning with our medieval tavern themed board game cafe, The Round Table, we’ve launched a unique line of experience centered destination businesses including a series of heavily themed escape rooms, the Kronos Gauntlet, and a high-class video game bar, Afterlife. These interactive hot spots are decked out by our team of set designers to create totally immersive experiences, and are supplied with all of the furnishings required for you to have an awesome time. Available as individual venues, or as a package, our line of destination businesses is Guelph, Ontario’s latest tourist attraction. With our success here in Southern Ontario, we’ve got franchises planned around the world, and are excited to create new experiences world-wide. For more information, Inquire Here.