Rise of the Evil Dead

Jasco Games and Lynnvander Studios have revived Evil Dead 2 the Board Game! There was a board game campaign on Kickstarter.com posted by Space Goat Productions promising a thematic board game for Evil Dead 2 fans.  The game was funded by 6,143 backers. The game was never completed, therefore, the fans were in need.

After extensive discussion and planning, Jasco Games CEO and Founder, Jason Hawronsky, and Lynnvander Studios CEO, Thomas Gofton, (no affiliation to Space Goat Productions) came up with a plan to “revive” the game.

Jasco Games has recently entered into an agreement with the owner of Evil Dead 2 to create the new game.  While Jasco Games does not have access to the original game created by Space Goat Productions, they do have access to several of the components. This means a completely new game was developed. The new game was developed by Lynnvander Studios!

The campaign was launched over the month of August 2019. It was successfully funded at $204,000. Now each of the old backers will get their game for free. Lynnvander Studios has overseen the press files personally, although Jasco is the publisher, together, they succeeded at Kickstarter, Heartthrob history.

All the partners involved will be worked diligently to make sure a top quality Evil Dead 2 game gets made and fulfilled to all the backers!

Follow the campaign here. And here.

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