Chronicle System

The Chronicle System

Lynnvander Studios has announced a new Chronicle System. The Chronicle System takes the Legacy game format and implements it to the next level. However, at its base, the Chronicle System provides a captivating story for players to experience. It also has player agency which have long-lasting impact throughout the entire campaign. Where the Chronicle System differs from the standard Legacy adventure-style game is in future releases. Players will influence the direction of the product line.

At the root of the Chronicle System is a checkpoint-based system. Once players complete the first core season, they can submit information about their play to Lynnvander. The developers at Lynnvander use this to create future content incorporating these decisions. In this way, players have a direct impact on how the game world develops.

Another core belief of the Chronicle System is they will not have destructible elements, meaning players can play through multiple times without acquiring new materials. Each box set will only have one opportunity to provide feedback to Lynnvander, but players can enjoy the game multiple times to explore avenues they didn’t originally see based on their choices.

Lynnvander Game Studios was founded in 2014 by Thomas Gofton. Since it’s inception, it has been responsible for multiple game products including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cowboy Bebop, Shadowrun Sprawl Ops, and the upcoming Evil Dead 2 heart-throb campaign. The core design team includes Thomas Gofton, Josh Derksen, and Dylan Birtolo. 

The first Chronicle System game from Lynnvander Game Studios is scheduled to be announced and available for order by the end of the year with five more over the next two years. For more information, follow or Lynnvander’s Vlog at

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